The Miraculous Resurrection of Charlie Jones

by a model home life

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Tyler Smith
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Tyler Smith This album packed an emotional punch that I did not expect. For a band that bills itself as "shouty", there is a lot of lyrical depth. Favorite track: Never Let A Story Be Tainted By The Truth.
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released November 27, 2014

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michael gay - guitars / vocals
josh oestreich - drums / vocals
alxndr jones - bass / vocals

produced / mixed / mastered - nate washburn

recorded on cedar lake. july 2014



all rights reserved


a model home life Minneapolis, Minnesota


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a three-piece shouty post-rock band from minneapolis.

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Track Name: Lake Michigan (Bradley)
will we ever go to that island on
lake michigan
off the coast and far away

this is not a chance, not it's not a change of pace
or a time to die in this quiet place
damn it you're far too young to waste away
you've still got four kids and three wedding days

now we'll never go to that island in the sand
that we passed months ago
when you were a better man

if i'm alone, then you're alone
if i'm afraid, then you're afraid
Track Name: The Average Way To Live
there's a certain sense of freedom in being told that you're free from all the things you thought you had to be

where do we go? so far from home
oh god i need you here, are you near?

when growing up the average way to live was twice a week. so i made my own and i made my peace

i knew all the right words and could write words like the best of them. too bad i never read the rest of them

i dont think we've ever wasted so much time on the wrong conclusions and insignificant bits of paper we find in our lives. my god, my dear! i've never seen this clear, as i have before and furthermore. the darkest glass is fogged over. my eyes are too young to see. my god we lost our way, how could this ever be?

and how do we know its all been done?
its over now, wish i would have known.
Track Name: It's Been This Way For Years
don't look behind you, you'll only see what you have done
keep your eyes on the horizon, because it might not be there long

i don't think
it's been this way for years
of this i'm sure
oh my god
i can't change
for this anymore

don't look behind you, you'll never see where you could go
keep your eyes on the distance dear, it's worth more than you'll ever know

i don't think
i've said this for days
of that i'm sure
oh my god
my dear!
i can't see it anymore
Track Name: Who's To Know?
oh to be! only seen for what we were
we could never be anything to anyone

oh how long! it's been years to start again
we could never try to be better men

who's to know! this is done without the head
the heart may change the words that we have never read

oh my god! mistakes we've made, they cannot be
undone by us or anyone
Track Name: Never Let A Story Be Tainted By The Truth
"come aboard" he said, as he stood on the boat and i stood on the shore with my canvas bag at my feet, smiling up at me.

he said, "you don't look fit, boy. but you look fit enough for sea and in fact, in some ways, you kind of remind me of me."

"take this oar and row. as far as you can and then go a little further"

so i took my bag and put it in that boat and put that boat into the sea, then i put myself into that boat and prayed the waves might just let me be.

so i began to row as well as i could and as good as i might.

my eyes they sting from salt water.
my mouth it tastes like salt water.
my ears are muffled from what you're trying to say to me.
my skin it stings from salt water.
my nose it burns from salt water.
my hands are numb from this dreadful sea.

i've seen photographs that vaguely like him in a place that no one seems to remember but it's too late to ask now, i guess.

i know you were an army man, but its easier to picture you in blue. it's like you always said, "never let a story be tainted by the truth"

so i hope you would be proud of where i am and how i tell of what you've done. i want you to see everything. i know you would be proud of me. i know you'd love her and you'd love them and you'd love every bit of what i've done. so maybe i can live almost as tall as you did, as i watch it all wash away. my god its never been the same.

i wish we could have known more.